Defense + help- too many pop-ups

This is probably discussed elsewhere but I could not find a good discusison, please post a link if you know of it.

i am using v3.5

I have Comodo firewall/defense+ instlalled on my family PC. Defense + causes WAY too many pop-ups and my other family members are not as computer literate and have no idea how to response or interpret. What is my best solution? Right now I have turned Defense+ off.

I have noticed that when I understand what it is asking, I allow it…I do not tell it to trust that application.

Should I start telling it what applications to trust?

Please tell me how best to use this product while minimizing pop-ups.


1st, change the config to Internet Security if you haven’t already.

Then set the D+ setting to “Clean PC Mode” (see attached pic)

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