Defense+ has blocked 3 intrusions so far

Every day I receive 3 intrusions, please see screenshot.
I may be wrong but I am not concerned because nview.dll is an NVIDIA file.
However, the fact that they are flagged as “intrusions” suggests that they are dangerous.

Should I be worried?
Do I need to do anything?

XP SP3. CIS v5.


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everything that isnt allowed will be called “intrusion attempt”.

i noticed sometimes too when something tries to access comodo in memory. its blocked by default it seems.

a nvidia file was not among my experiences.
as you see, media player is an “intrusion” too, in your list. but it isnt malware (as far as i see the name :D)… its just blocked from accessing comodo.

make a virus scan of the nvidia file. if its “clean”, then dont worry. and it should be normal that comodo tries to protect itself from access.

i would keep an eye on that list. maybe you find out, when it happens. then you know what of your actions leads to this effect.

Thanks for your prompt reply clockwork.
I have scanned the nview file but nothing was found so I will just keep my eye on it as you suggested.

By the way, I notice that MS Outlook and Internet Explorer are also listed in Defense + Events.


look at the “target” that was “protected from beeing accessed”.
if its comodo, then its normal to be protected, but i still wonder, why internet explorer and office should try to access something at all… i dont use them.

as long as only legit programs appear in that list, read “intrusion attempts” in a more neutral way :wink: , and if something doesnt run, look in the list for a hint whats wrong. BUT even legit programs can be exploited (internet explorer), so, its not the name that you should look at, it should be the behaviour too! (unusual events for example, suddenly happening even though you made a running rule set long ago)

my examples are “steam” and “skype” who are allways in that list, because of trying to access comodo.