Defense+ & Firewall in training mode after CIS installation (in clean system).

When installing CIS in a new clean system, I would like that COMODO is in training mode for a while (a minute, an hour, a day ?) to avoid many warnings at beginning.

This could be an option when installing…

(I’m sorry, I don’t know how add a poll, Perhaps an explanation can it be added in “IMPORTANT: Wishlist guideline” :

First it is not a good idea.
It should be set du Safe Mode for firewall and clean pc-mode for Defense+.
This Training Mode should be delete, except it would be a per program mode, but this is discussed often and i dont know, if this would be changed that way.
And second i think everyone should choose this for his/her self while choosing the Security setting.

Training mode will create “allow” rules for anything and everything. Good or bad…

Training mode should only be enabled for as brief a duration as possible and only for complicated applications that you have issues getting to run.

Exactly, the training mode is a very useful thing when installing known safe applications or even in some cases, actually running those programs for the first time. Especially in the case of an app that goes into full screen mode as soon as it opens. With some of those, going into training mode before you run the app the first time is the only way currently to have CIS allow them to do what they need to do to function correctly. It is a tool that should be used cautiously and only if absolutely necessary. The idea of having CIS default into that mode on installation is a very bad idea.

Is training mode even any safer than disabling Defense+?

It is the same thing. In Training mode it will learn everything from each application that runs or get run. Also from malware. That’s why only should use it briefly and when you are sure your system is free of malware.

Training Mode is just a little bit safer then disabling D+, cause with Training Mode protection of ComodoIS is applied. but that’s it.

No it’s not. Everything is allowed while in training mode. This is exactly the same thing as disabling D+. If you disable D+, everything is also allowed.

Then you should try termination of cmdagent.exe while D+ is in Training Mode with Task Manager.
If you disable D+, you can terminate cmdagent.exe and cfp.exe. in Training mode you are not able to do this.

OK, I see what you are saying now, but why is this relevant? If you are allowing anything and everything to run, nothing needs to shut CIS down…

It’s not relevant at all, that’s right. It’s just relevant if you just use firewall and let D+ in training mode, so the firewall can’t get shut down.
I don’t like this training mode, think clean PC mode should be lowest D+ setting except of disabled.

I think training mode has its place. (As Dch48 mentions above)

The big problem with training mode is that people don’t understand what it is actually doing. I’ve seen countless posts here of people that leave it in training mode for several days or even permanently. They like how “quiet” their system is, but they don’t actually realize it’s quiet because it’s just allowing everything free access to their system.

Training mode should have definite warnings about what your are doing when you enable it, and should have reminders to turn it off, similar to the installation mode reminders.

I guess it’s really moot though, because I believe I read there is no training mode in version 4.