Defense+ Fails Spyshelter test

I use Comodo 5.3 IS wiht proactive security mod. Defence + security level is safe mod.

I use Spyshelter Security TestTool 1.4.

Comodo passed Keylogging.
Webcam capture- failed
Screenshot- 1a, 2a, 3a, 1a, 2b, 3b passed but 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b failed.
Clipboard Monitoring- failed
System Protectin- passed
Sound Record- failed.

hey and warm welcome to comodo forums!

I assume you want why CIS failed or how is?

Valentin N

I saw an old subject about this on Comodo forums. I made test and failed. I just let you know. I hope developers fix this problem. Or is it not important?


I am sure that the developers are interested of improving CIS.

Valentin N

Comodo 5.5 fails at some of the tests: sound recording, some of the methods of taking screenshots, it seems to record webcam

5.8 screen shots are fixed, never had a problem with clip board. The only thing left is web cam and sound record

It’s a good news! Will wait until the rest will finish it (fix). This is especially important for laptops, where a webcam and microphone integrated.

Cool. I am waiting for 5.8 stable. I hope it will be released soon. :-TU

please do not forget to adjust the protection against unauthorized recording of audio and video

Unfortunately, Comodo 5.8 does not pass test to record video and audio

Please! What about Spyshelter test fails?

nothing changes?