Defense+ fails completely on Braid

I have Defense+ on Safe Mode but when I start Braid it only gives a black screen. Only a computer reset is working. When I set Defense+ on Disabled, Braid works fine!

Windows Vista Ultimate x64.
Only CIS, all default settings.
Latest stable CIS.

What happens if you set it to Training Mode immediately prior to running Braid?

Haven’t tested it. I now added Braid.exe to exclusions and it works fine. I’m now running the latest Beta version which has the same problem out of the box. It might not be able to set an overlay for Defense+, i’m not sure what happens.

Same problem with new Riddick game.

Comodo really needs to look into this problem.

The problem of setting up security profiles for your games??

The problem is that Defense+ doesn’t show up any messages for the actions required by the game but do blocking them. Rebooting for a game is not an option for normal people, they think their PC crashed or the problem is something else.

What do the Defense + logs show? Could you post a screen shot?