Defense+ don't recognize Firefox

Few days ago, firefox been updated to 3.6.8 version and since then CIS 4.1 start sandboxing firefox… I have problem with the plugin-container.exe and firrefox trying to i don’t know about the messing with the shell… sign as malware, bla bla lba… i don’t understand. is it safe to allow? or should i set rule for firefox in network security policy firewall as web browser? does it help to stop all those pop ups?


Did you disable the Trusted Vendors list? Try adding FF to My Own Safe Files and see what it says.

The shellcode warning means that CIS detected a buffer overflow problem with plugin-container. These buffer overflows are a bug in the program. Malware often uses buffer overflows to enter your computer.

When you know you downloaded FF from a reputable source then we can assume it is clean. Then the shell code error only tells us you found a bug in plugin-container. You could submit it to the FF developers if you really want to.

i too had FF sandboxed (only one time) and a few days later the firewall asked me about an inbound connection (firefox.exe is trying to receive a connection from the Internet. What would you like to do?).
I all i want know is how should i answer this? This time was filling a insurance report, but how should i answer if that comes up again, for instances i think messenger asks that too. If i say allow can malware enter my computer or something like that.

Many thanks