Defense+ doesn't download updates

I’m using 3.11.108364.552 version of CIS that was installed with only “Firewall” option. D+ comes integrated with the “Firewall” as everyone knows.

I’ve clicked on the “Check for updates” under “Miscellaneous” for Defense+, Firewall (CIS) updates and the module loads to connect to CIS servers to check for updates and then says “There are no updates”… why?

I’ve come to know from other CIS users using the antivirus module which updates three to four times daily. Does it mean COMODO only provides virus definition/signature updates for the antivirus modules? And there isn’t any significant updates for scanning engine, firewall rules for sole installations of Defense+ and Firewall of COMODO?

Any insight into this would be highly appreciated.
Thanks & regards.[/i]

The version you are using (3.11.108364.552) is the latest & there are no available updates.

However, when you installed CIS if you opted not to install Defense+ then it will not be installed and no amount updating can change this. You would need to re-install CIS with the Defense+ component selected (as it is by default) to correct this.

CIS’s AV updates are for signatures and definitions. You should expect frequent updates (more than 4 a day) for the AV component.

I understand the OP’s question because other solutions such as Norton also provide regular updates to the whitelist of trusted apps and other things as well. I would love to see whitelist updates become part of CIS.

CIS will also contact Comodo when a program is being opened to see if it is on the white list on the Comodo servers.

How do you know?
I supposed global whitelist is an offline thing ??? (i.e. it does not require internet connection).

I looked up to confirm what I stated in the above. The safe list gets updated on a daily basis:

I looked in the Help and found that it is possible to do an online look up with files in the My Pending Files list. I cannot say for certain that when a new program starts CIS will also check the online database; may be I spoke too soon there

Thanks for information. Maybe you are right.

Does this refer to AV list to prevent false positives and not defence+?

This does refer to the safe list. That is the list that Defense + will look in to see if a program is a safe program. It will then automatically make rules for that application when it runs.

It does not refer to the AV false positive list.

Today, after a long time since installation, CIS updated itself to 3.12.111745.560 from previous version.

I clean installed 3.12 and it is working without a glitch. They fixed only 3 but very relevant bugs… :-TU