Defense+ doesn't deactivate permanently.

The Defense+ doesn’t deactivate permanently after reBOOT.

COMODO version:, X32

AMD AthlonXP 1700+(32 bits)

512MB(256MB* 2)

WIN XP pro SP2 Traditional Chinese 32 bits + IE7 + DX9

AntiVir PE v7
PeerGuardian 2 Alpha builds(051118)
DAEMOn tools lite v4.12.2
Returnil virtual system 2008 PE beta(disabled)

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I believe that Defense+ in your case in fact is not active. I believe the Defense+ slider position doesn’t change when you deactivate Defense+. I am not now on a computer with Comodo Firewall installed so I can’t test it. Look at the summary screen instead to see if Defense+ is active or not. Perhaps the developers could change the slider position to Disabled when Defense+ is not active to make this more clear.


Can it be by any chance your case:


Well, the Defense+ will not active after disable it, but still work when u install/uninstall a software…
U can switch from ‘Clean PC mode’ to ‘Disabled’ to disable it permanently.

That’s it. (:KWL)

It’s advised, if your not wanting to run Defense+ that you do a clean install click on Enterprise Firewall and then click with anti-leak protection. This will enable Defense+ but only in a limited capacity to protect you against leaks.