Defense+ Does it ask you the same question 100 times???

Yeah I am new to comodo firewall, I am using the Defense+ with it

Everytime I start my PC, or run a program, the Defense+ will ask me atleast 5 things… and it’s always the same thing…the same application

I click “Allow” and “Remember my answer” and it just pops up again asking the same question?
I also select treat this application as a “Trusted application” and “Remember my answer” and it still pops up again asking the same question…

I’ve used zonealarm and I never experienced anything like this, is this normal?

Depending on the program, you might need to select “installer or updater” instead. What is the application and the error message?

Same happened to me. I first disabled Defense+ and then downgraded installation to v2.4 … I am happy now.

Me too. I got so angry at getting the same question, I uninstalled cfp3 and reinstalled 2.4

I didn’t uninstall CFP3 but I have to use the installation mode very often. Especially on occasions when I fire up a clean program and don’t want to be bothered if this program is really allowed to use screen and keyboard and commondialog32.dll and gui32.dll.

I just got Comodo to stop asking me. I told it that this is not a Web Browser, it is a Trusted Program. That’s one of the options that came up on the pop-up.