Defense+ Bug in CFP 3.025 vista 64BIT

i am a CFP user and i found this bug on CFP 3.0.25 64bit version

i usually use paranoid mode on my vista (just upgraded from 32bit to 64bit recently) and i always checked the EXE files everytime the DEFENSE+ alert notifies me about a program by click the blue underlined name and then the defense+ opens explorer to the target file…
but in 64BIT version…when i click the link…the firewall crashes without warning…


This is going to be fixed in the next COMODO Internet Security 3.5 Release.

Uninstall CFP 3.0, And install CIS where you can install the Firewall stand a lone using the same set up. The next bug fix release for CIS is on Tuesday, 28th October, and will solve your issue.


ah…thanks :BNC