Defense+ blocking antivirus updates and emails

Hi All,

I am using the free and up-to-date version of Comodo Firewall on Windows 7 64bit.

On Saturday about noon my Avast Antivirus flagged-up an available program update, which I clicked to install. The installation progress bar stalled about halfway across and would not go further. I cancelled the update and then tried to do it manually via the GUI, but this would not get beyond the “initializing” stage, and neither would the Definitions update. At the same time both my email clients stopped receiving and sending messages.

I have now discovered that if I disable anti-virus I can send and receive messages, but if I disable Comodo Defense+ I can send and receive messages and update Avast virus definitions.

Defense+ event file shows a huge long list of events featuring AvastSvc.exe beginning at noon on Saturday, but that file is listed in the Trusted files list. I have tried adding it again, but get a notice that it is already in the list.

Can anyone tell me how to get things running smoothly again, please?

Regards to all, John

Thats strange. I didnt change my comodo settings for avast. It runs like it did before.
While i have to say, that the update had its bugs. Like, returning notification windows after each restart, that i should make a last click to finish the update.
I ended with installing avast with a full installer. Got the notification for a few restarts still though.

There are some things problematic between avast 7 and certain firewalls. The web shield of avast can cause blocked traffic to be allowed.

What are the defense+ logs saying about what actions have been blocked for avast?
What is your setting of defense+?

Especially this is taking my attention. I would make a fresh installation of an antivirus after this.

Thanks for looking at this.

I am attaching a screenshot of the events file.

I have tried Defense+ at various levels and can only send receive emails and update with it Disabled

[attachment deleted by admin]

Obviously the antivirus is not able to perform the update, which might and might have been allready lead to malfunctions.

I would really recommend to make a safe of the avast setting, and make a clean reinstall of that program. After you inserted your setting safe file, make sure that really all settings are like you want them to be. For example, check if “sending files to the cloud”, community, is disabled if you dont want that ect.

As its your antivirus, it could be a good idea to add the original(!) avast folder (mark: include subfolders) to the safe files list of comodo defense+. If this would lead to a security problem, the antivirus would be insecure anyway. My point of view.

And for the moment: Dont enable the web shield. You can read several posts in this forum about an existing problem with some firewalls.

Even if we would be able to solve the problem by another way, we could not be sure that everything is free of malfunction after “bad” updates. Better safe than sorry.