Defense+ Balloon Messages are placed over all Alert Windows

Like the title says, Defence+ alert, Firewall alert. Impossible to allow something when the Defense+ balloon messages are placed on top of the alert windows ( Like “tmp.exe modified the key HKLM\ETC” ). I don’t understand why this is placed on top, very useless when like 40 balloon messages come and you have to click them all away to get to the alert window.
Please fix this, very annoying.

Windows Vista x64 SP1 English.
Nothing else installed.

I have also witnessed this. Maybe there could be an option for balloon messages on the left side?

You always can drag the alert to any place in the screen where nothing is on top of the alert buttons and answer it.

Hmm… And what about situations where alert stays obscured by foreground application window? It can be seen by ALT+TAB in list of open windows, but cannot be selected (or it just does not brings it forward). Wihout the keyboard shortcuts, it cannot be removed, and in some cases causes a system to halt, no help from the Task Manager, cause it cannot terminate cmdagent… The only way I know of to restore control is a hard shut down?