defense+ as a stand alone product

is it possible to allow the download of defense+ as a stand alone product to use alongside existing antivirus, i.e. without the firewall. obviously this is in the case of using another antivirus other than comodos.

That’s an interesting option. I’ve never tried this.

Really, is it possible to install only Defense+ without the Comodo Firewall and the Comodo Antivirus?

The installer does not facilitate this.

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At the same time, if only firewall & Defence+ respectively were installed there is an option to disable firewall. That doesn’t touch settings for Defense+ as it is by idea a separate module and Alerts for unknown/suspicious Apps will be fired.

I do understand that it is probably (or most likely) not what OP would prefer to do … but still …

As a matter of fact recently it was similar request in Emsisoft forum
After reading the answer by one of the leading EAM developers it would be interesting to know an opinion by Comodo devs, whether such setting is viable


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Won’t then disabled firewall clutter RAM?

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If I got your question correctly, you meant that loaded modules of “pure firewall” excluding inseparable :slight_smile: Defense+ will still be present in memory. Sure, but according to the RAM consumption - that’s almost nothing.

… and then here is an answer given by Eric in his reply to double-post by bri.g