Defense+ Alerts slow downs: Fixed?

Hi everyone!

Has anyone noticed any improvement in how this new version scales with large Defense+ rulesets? After using CPF for a long time my system’s responsiveness has been dramatically decreased after remembering a new Defense+ rule (:SAD)

As MrBrian pointed out going back to v3.0.14.276 has solved this problem ( So before I try this myself I would be really interested how v3.0.22 behaves with respect to that.

Thanks so much for comments!

I’m also interested in this.
My system also slows down when remembering a setting. Purging doesn’t help.


It seems I have the same problem. ver

Thanks so much for the feedback Goldentime!!

That’s not good :frowning: Unfortunately it’s getting worse week after week even after disabling all Defence+ and Firewall logging. I don’t know but I am close to give up on this great firewall :frowning:

Too bad.
I hope it will be fixed soon. It’s really annoying.

There was certainly and improvement in the learning and alert speed since that original message. Some programs when they are initially “learnt” might slow down slightly when loading but This will only happen once for each program.


I am not entirely convinced as Goldentime was refering to version which is the newest at the moment. I second his opinon, because after each confirmation for Defense+ I observe that CPU usage reaches over 90% and system is non-responsive.


I’ve noticed that if i you don’t select “Remember this answer” in the dialog it has instantaneous response, however if you select remember option it gets about 3-5 seconds delay and the increasing CPU as reported. Maybe it has something to do with the rule writing routine.

Cheers (:KWL)

EDIT: Any Update on this?