Defense+ ( beta)

Hi, i just want to say…cpf v3 is a sweet piece of software, even when it is in beta!!!

However, i just want some help in properly setting up the defense+.

Is there a way to STOP all these pop-ups from showing up? It seems that for everything i do it askes permission first.

  1. Yes i let it scan my system to search for known apps.


The alerts do die down after a while, but exactly how long this is depends on each individual system.

One of my PCs was pretty quiet after two days, but another is still yapping away after about a week. Yes, the quantity of alerts can get annoying, but I’m learning so much about the applications I use (and have used for years) and what they are doing and connecting to when they start up. Very enlightening.

All I can advise you to do is to perservere. The alerts are there for a reason and providing the alerts are simply notifiying you of legitimate activity, just click ALLOW and REMEMBER (or ALLOW and select a predefined policy group). The alerts are there fro a reason.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

You can simply disable Defense+ just like I did.

Go To:

DEFENSE+ → Advanced → Defense+ Settings

There,in the Defence+ security Level(General Settings Tab),choose ‘Allow All’.

Then u dun need cpf3, just go back to cpf 2.4 for a stability and maturity.

a firewall block bad guys from connecting to internet but wat happen if u get a baddy from a removable device and it infects ur PC?

I click “remember this” for a defense+ alert, and after a re-boot, it prompts me again. Any solution for this?

yeah i get the same thing hey.

it seems that comodo if forgetting my rules?

Or mabey it could be another layer?
ie: ie explorer > explorer > w/e

u get the drift

If you know that your system is clean, you can set D+ Security Level to Learn All. Then you get minimal hassle and all rules are created for you.

Keeping in mind that you will have to uninstall each version of the Beta in order to move to the next one, you may want to start fresh with each one so as to test cleanly for new results. Thus, you wouldn’t want to click hundreds/thousands of times with each new release…

If you don’t care about starting fresh, you should be able to export the rules, so long as they remain compatible.