Defence +

defense + wasn’t activated when I installed my new firewall, now it is, can I expect anything different in the way my computer behaves? Almost sounds to me like an anti-virus program won’t be needed, I had been considering adding
BOClean to my apps, but now??

anti virus program is still needed as nothing is 100% the scanner that is in D+ is a on demand scanner and is used manily at install although i have used it on occasion to scan my system i would not rely on it 100%. hope this helps you (CLY)

Thanks frogger! one anti-virus I’m running is Spy Sweeper which has stopped many attacks, its a new beta version that isn’t a hog on my computer. BOClean can wait until I see how this D+ is going to work

Spy Sweeper is far from a good av. Use Avast for free or NOd32 for paid. Even Kaspersky or Avira are good. Also from my understanding I do not think you can just activate D+ if you didn’t select to install it the first time.

Try this and see if it works for activating D+. Turn it on from summary page to Clean PC or Safe mode. Then go to Miscellaneous - manage my configurations and chose select. See if there is an “optimum security” choice there. If there is choose it and I think you will be all set to go.


You will have to probably reboot

I didn’t know it was avalible until I read through the set up, then it gave a choice to avtivate it or permantly dispose of it, just put a tic in the box to activate then reboot to install it. I haven’t rebooted yet I figured I’d
come here “before” a problem arose

Thanks guys,