Defence+ stops auto update from Microsoft [Solved]

This morning after startup I got a error that there was something wrong with explorer. I killed the window and I saw the update icon show for a view seconds in the taskbar. After reserche I noticed that D+ (and Firewall?) stops the updates from windows from checking and downloading by defold!?

Vista HB
CIS 3.9RC2

Can you show us your settings Windows Updater from D+ and Firewall?

Keep in mind that the Windows malicious files removal tool may need to be allowed. Apart from that Windows Updates run without a glitch here.

D+ is in Clean PC mode
Firewall in safe mode

Sorry for being unclear. I meant the Application Rules for Windows Updater for the Firewall and D+.

and now I have lost you, where do I have to look for that?

I forgot to tell you the way. For the Firewall Application rules go to Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy → Application rules. For Defense Application Rules go to Defense + → Advanced → Computer Security Policy.

Ah found it,

Win Update:
Custom, allow UDP or TCP uit from IP any to IP any where source port is any and destination port is any.

Win update aplication:

Thats it

I have the same rules. So, they are fine. Does this effect all updates or only certain updates?

What is the error code you get from the update site? Try the troubleshooter from the update site. That sometimes holds useful information.

None what so ever, I noticed when I went to the Ms update site and found that there were a lot of updates not installed. When trying I got a error 5 and I know that’s D+ or firewall from CIS. I turned them to learning mode and than I could install the updates.

Good thinking. :-TU