Defence+ does not recognise "windows system files"

Hi i would like to report the fact that Defence+ does no recognise the default windows files.

IMHO it is very simple for comodo to put all these files into the defence+ trusted list.
All it requires is:
A (any version between XP and 7) Windows install disc, and all the files from “windows update”
Just take a clean PC, install the windows version, add all the files to Defence+ database, then update to the first servicepack and repeat.

Comodo antivirus could even be updated to warn for out-dated versions recomending the user to update windows.

Wishlist? :wink:

As far as warning about updates and out-dated software, try this:

Comodo’s whitelist should at the very least contain the windows files. These have been available since 2001.

It’s not a wish not recognising them is a bug.

Yeah i know about that, its good too.

However as the windows system files are a static thing, they could that, how can a pc be safe if there are known security holes.

Is there particular files in question here? CIS does not have any issues with my Windows.

Some random examples:


All those run fine on my system, without popups at that.

On Proactive rundll32 gives pop ups. It is not a safe file as it can be called by all sort of apps.

The program itself does not provide popups (it is a valid MS software). But, any app that it tries to run or tries to run it does produce a popup which I answer accordingly.
The first pic here is the Access rights I have for Rundll32, the second is the Protection settings.
I have no problems with this.

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