"Defence +[Balloon Messages] " = "Also Attention Toggie"

Thank to “Toggie” for your reply!

I noted your comment re the “Defence +” being not being enabled!

I now have enabled same by right clicking the Comodo Firewall Icon in the system tray and from menu I enabled "Defence + Security Level+ with “Train with safe mode” and “Firewall Security Level” with “Train with safe mode”

Now by doing the above which has the Defence enabled I am not receiving any “Defence +” balloon messages at all during my computer startup and also when I look in the “Computer Security Policy” no such messages are appearing at all???

Yes I do have enabled in the system tray Icon menu the “Display Balloon Messages” and “Show Tray Animation” = Also I have noticed at computer startup I have the small red flashing appearing around the Comodo System Tray Icon, which this seems to confirm the Comodo program is doing what it suppose to do!!

Note! In my previous forum topics I mentioned previously I had a continuing build up of these = Yes! from 15 startups I had 195 listed in the comodo “Computer Security Policy” files and they kept increasing at every computer startup?

I am not sure if I had a corrupted installation of the Comodo programming.

Now by installing at “Step 7” using the “Basic Firewall”, then enabling the "Defence +with “Train with safe mode” I am do have the Comodo programming performing as designed?

I am curious for others who are having the same first problem as I had if they would try to the uninstall/reinstall and by at step 7 use the “Basic Firewall” and then through the Comodo Firewall Icon enable the "Defence + Security Level+ with “Train with safe mode” and see if this possibly does overcome this problem?

Regards Colin