Defence+ and Xara Xtreme

Hi there, I use Comodo as my firewall etc. I’ve recently purchased Xara Xtreme 2 which runs OK on my Windows Vista Basic system but I have noticed something strange happening.
After registering Xara Xtreme by entering the serial number everything works OK. When I run the product again I’m asked to re-enter the serial number.
Xara suggests this problem is due to Comodo not allowing the relevant registry entry to be updated/changed, how do I enable this change so I don’t have to enter the serial number each time I want to use the product? I have made Xtreme a trusted piece of software but this hasn’t solved the problem.

Can anyone suggest a fix/solution?


Gooday and welcome to the comodo forum,

try setting dfense + to training mode and when you finished set it to clean pc or other mode