Defence+ alert box rework

I suggest the following changes to Defence+ alert box in order to make it more clear on what each option do.

standard alert box (“more” button in unchecked \ not clicked)

  1. Change “Allow” to “Allow all (actions)” and “Deny” to “Deny all (actions)” since that is what those buttons do in this “mode”.
  2. Make “send this file to comodo” checked by default since it’s unrecognized file anyway and if the user doesn’t use auto sandbox (as of now) those files will not be added to “unrecognized files” list.
  3. Add “terminate program” button

Advanced alert box (“more” button clicked)

  1. Add allow \ deny all actions in this category (global hooks, access protected folder \ registrity etc)
    or add a checkbox next to “allow \ block this request” with similar effect. Since right now you’re either allowing app to do basically anything (standard alert box) or you have to deal with multiple alerts (advanced alert box), and I mean up to 20 of em … theoretically.

Anyone agrees?

I can see some good points here :-TU

Good idea, clarification is always a good thing.