Default Deny Browser


Would CD benefit from becoming a “default deny” bowser? Default deny as in the user is prompted to allow each website (be it entered directly from the address field or from a link, etc). The user can then add a rule to remember choice so are not prompted again. A further prompt can then allow scripts, cookies, etc.

This would be presented in a very graphical way as not to overwhelm your average user. You could also have “whitelisted” websites to minimize prompts.

I’m thinking of this setup used without CIS installed so would give an extra layer of protection for users of other security suites.


I can tell you from experience this is a BAD idea for a browser. IE6/7 on Server 2003 functions in nearly the same way out of box. It’s annoying as all ■■■■. I am almost certain the average joe will become frustrated and will uninstall the program because it is too restrictive.

Shame but you are probably right :). CD / Chromium does, to some extent, allow you to block web content with the option of allowing from the address field. I would just like to see this done in a more graphical (user friendlier) way.


i don’t think it would be a bad option to have. just have it disabled by default. and in each prompt have a link to disable right from the prompt so the user can disable the feature faster if they don’t like the feature.

also you could add a password option that you could enable if you wanted to, to work along side this feature. say CD is used at school or a business, the admin could set a pssword so that people couldn’t add porn or viral sites to the whitelist