Def+ refuses to move a file to safe list (solved)

that concerns only one file found in the Avast program folder, and called avast.setup. I get an error message when trying to move it manually to my own safe list (online look up gives “unknown” of course, and file was submitted).

I’ve also noticed that sometimes, after an online lookup for a bunch of files in the pending list, files recognized as safe are not moved to the local safelist database, they remain in the pending list. When I do an individual online lookup again for the same files, then it works, they are removed from the pending list and moved (as said in the pop up message) to the local database.

I add that I’m running the current official release,, and that I had these issues as well with the beta
Windows XPSp2, Avast anti-virus, Spyware Terminator (no HIPS)
(the issue with safe files remaining in the pending list use to occur as well when instead of Avast, I had AVG AV installed, and instead of Spyware Terminator, I had Windows Defender, so that’s not related)

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The avast.setup file is most likely appearing after avast has updated - it is not a recognized file type that can be added to the safelist (currently). It is nothing to worry about, I just remove it from the pending list when it appears.

In my computer security policy rules I have avast.setup treated as installer or updater and everything works smoothly.


thanks for your answer. yes actually this file came up after an Avast program update. I should have thought that with such an extension the file couldn’t be added.

update: I’ve switched again to the beta ( this morning and the avast.setup file can be moved to the safe list now. Good!