Dedicated hosting, Plesk8 but unable to install InstantSSL due to default SSL


I’d like to install SSL on my ecommerce site, i downloaded the Instant SSL and followed the instructions to install the SSL against the domain.

All was going well, certificate installed, however, when i goto enable the SSL against the domain there is no dropdown list and it shows a label saying - default certificate (adminstirator repository).

Seems this is a self-certified certificate, installed as part of Plesk and has expired. Now the problem is, how do enable SSL for the installed comodo certificate against the domain if there is a expired server level certificate?

I cant remove the default self-certified plesk certificate because its in use against my domain …argh

I assume (as per the instructions) I should have installed the certificate against the domain and not the server, cant help but wonder this might have worked - but then what do i know!!

By the way, its dedicated hosting and dangerously I am the closest thing we have as a administrator!




Get the help from our knowledgebase article to install the SSL certificate on Plesk.,96,1,88

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