DecalSystem.Runtime.dll from Steam, False Positive?

DecalSystem.Runtime.dll is a file that downloads alongside the Steam game “SUPERHOT” (SUPERHOT on Steam) and that Comodo detects as a trojan named TrojWare.Win32.Krap.T@101925166. I believe this to be a false positive, given the popularity of the title. Hope to hear back, thanks.

Hi huskydragon,

Thanks for reporting.
Could you please submit the detected file at
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Aravindhraj J

That url redirects to . Is there a new location to submit the file?
The file’s also removed as soon as Comodo detects it, so I’m not sure how to snag it.

please submit to Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis


Thanks, I got the file and uploaded it there.