Debatabase Forum

Hi everyone, just to inform u guys that there is a forum dedicated to dabate lovers. (:CLP)

Debatabase Forum

The forum is run by IDEA, International Debate Education Association.

Don’t think debate is quarrel (:AGY), debate is a form of practically utilizing all branches of science (:NRD) together with unbiased persuasive methods (:LOV) aiming to an open-minded discussion. :SMLR

I love to debate so I introduce this interesting forum to all. (:HUG) welcome!

If u join, note that my username there also is aladinonl, virtually in every forum, if u see aladinonl, 99% its me :slight_smile:


and 1% chance aladinonl as an X-files detective trying to debate about ghost ;D
i thought you’re name was aladinoni (i), maybe i’ve seen too much optical ilusion pictures ;D
funny, i really can’t understand, is there such a “debate lover”? can’t we just all get along?
i’ll check it out anyway

oh ya ganda, i remind myself few times dat I’ll tell u my username is aladinonl not aladinoni, but I kept forgetting.

aladinonl = aladin online , I’ve used it for very long time in many forums, altho sounds childish but I keep for own identity.

debatebase forum is actually in need of members. most the time, ppl go there few times n never come back. most ppl believe in their own arguments, if someone object 'em, ppl usually think “dis doesnt sound good, here is only a forum, who cares dat guy talkin abt!” instead of trying to persuade the objector.

if debatebase forum has a large number of members and strong committed-member community like in Comodo forum, its just gr8.

aladin online ;D ;D ;D let’s debate it (:LGH)

i’ve checked it out last night, 1 minute later, i closed it. ;D sorry, too formal for me. beside my english isn’t so good, so maybe (just maybe),let say even if i have an argument (very strong one) i still can’t express it properly.

i understand dat, ganda. Its normal:). I’m just inspired by debate not long time ago after a course in uni.