Dead Slow Ahead. CAV Slower Than Snails-Pace

I’m here only because I can hardly believe what’s happening after installing a trial of CAV1.1

After the first install my XPp box actually failed to start. “hal.dll is missing” and boot totally failed! Indeed hal.dll WAS missing - along with dozens of other files in sys32. Jeeezus!!

After extracting hal from the CD the box - 2GHz P4 1GB - started at an utterly glacial pace - 30 secs for a right-click menu to pop up. It took days to bash and scrape CAV off the machine. Even then it complained. A repair reinstall of XPp was required and more kicking and scraping finally got CAV off.
Disk is fine; RAM is fine; hardware good.

I couldn’t believe CAV could REALLY be doing this so - heart in mouth - I put CAV11 back on - and guess what: it’s happened again!! When I started typing this entry I clicked okay on the problem box to restart it. It hasn’t happened yet!!

This really deserves its own thread. The Comodo brand looks deader than dead to me… (:AGY)

[update] “CLPappGUI is not responding”. That’s why it took 5 minutes to begin to shut down. Grr.

[update2] Computer has bounced back with update & reboot. Appears normal with CAV.

[update3] Dead again. Glacially slow again after reboot. 2% CPU usage. 2%, but half-hour response to anything.

CAVS 1.1 is an old beta version of the antivirus which should not be used anymore. It has now been replaced with CAVS 2 :

You should remove version 1.1 and install the new version which is much more stable and has a HIPS feature. Again, version 2 is a beta product though this version is much more stable than 1.1 and most users have no problems with it at all.

Make sure you remove CAVS 1.1 fully, some have had problems so it might be worth reading this:


EDIT: There should hopefully be a final version released in the next few months, this will be CAVS 3. Most people use CAVS 2 without problem though, I have installed it on about 20 pc’s now and it works fine on all of them.

And an important thing to note… the hal.dll problem has been resolved in the current CAVS 2.x version.