What can be done if I am being DDoS’d? (:AGY)

do you know what kind?
can you give us info on the symptomps


If CPF is detecting a DDOS, you dont have to do anyting. It will automaically secure your PC.

I got the same DDoS treatment when I booted up my laptop this morning. And I’m on a company LAN. No source specified, which kinda annoys me.
A year 2007 bug perhaps? Hehe…

No attackers have shown?

Nobody is attacking me or whatnot. I’m just wondering what can I do incase of DDoS.

I was told that firewalls get overflown and crash when they are under a massive DDoS.

If a firewall has DDOS protection what they will do most of the time is set a maximum limit of simultaneous “SYN” connections from one IP at any one time.

What you CAN do is to block the IP address with a firewall rule or add them to a blacklist within the firewall.

If you have a dynamic IP ISP the next time you get an IP the DDOS should stop, if it doesn’t then maybe someone is finding out your new IP somehow and continuing the DDOS.

None, Egemen.
And since I’m using the BETA release, I can’t see any log events past current day to confirm it either… :-
(Today, Last 7 and Last 30 days all show todays log ???)