DDoS prevention?

I was wondering what would happen if someone tried to use a DDoS attack against my desktop computer while Comodo firewall is running.
Will it automatically block the attack? Or is there something that I need to set up in the options?

I ask because my friend has been attacked like this, it only lasted around an hour but I still do not want it to happen to me, and obviously I will help him with anything I learn here.

If you open the firewall and go TO FIREWALL - ADVANCED - ATTACK DETECTION SETTINGS - voila!

Ok, I have read everything there and changed a few options.
But I still have some concerns… After the 120 seconds is over in emergency mode, and the attack is still continuing, what am I suppose to do ? Will my internet be unaffected afterwards as all of the incoming traffic from the attackers are blocked?

Here is a response from another forum:
“There is no protection against a well designed DDOS attack, it will totally saturate your connection with malformed packets such that you cannot receive or send anything via your connection to the internet. The best you can hope for is that your firewall or router will not crash under the load.”

If that’s true… what am I suppose to do, attacks can last for weeks - can they not ?

I need more information… could you please provide me with a little more insight?



There is no way on earth to STOP a DDOS attack. All you can do is minimize or negate the attacks effect on your PC.

If an attack is going to go on for weeks, ring your ISP, let them know what is happening and have a new IP address allocated.

Ewen :slight_smile: