Ddos , firewall helped me , but pc is freezing .

Two days ago someone start ddos me , with SYN packets .
i installed v3 firewall it helped , internet work now fine . BUT in log are so many entrys every second…
ddosing on 55943 port with syn packet , and on Windows task manager Proces name SYSTEM aunder user name SYSTEm is using 25% cpu usage . i think this because firewall loggin this events…

pc info :
INTEL CORE 2 QUAD Q6600 2,4GHZ/1066/8M S775 4
RAM DDR2 4GB (2x 2048MB) in dual channel mode

any ideas?

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Put a rule at the very top of your Global Rules list to block just that port and protocol and the IP address (if it is the same each packet) then don’t log it.

This way the firewall doesn’t have to use extra resources to sort thru the firewall rules for each packet until it hits the Block All IN rule at the bottom of the list.


Might block the IP adress completely, instead of just access to one specific port.You can also report him to his ISP, but he might use a fake IP adress.