DC++ Setup - Revision needed for newer version?

I’ve followed the helpful guide by pandlouk listed here:
and even tried Kawaii’s last post instruction yet no matter how DC++ is set up, Comodo Firewall still asks for connection rights when DC++ starts - if I choose Allow (but leave Remember My Answer unchecked, otherwise it adds the “Allow IP Out From Ip Any To IP Any Where Protocol is Any” Rule to DC++) all hubs connect alright, search works. If I choose Block, even to a port 80 connection at startup, not a single hub can connect.

I’ve used Pandlouk’s very same instructions successfully with previous version of DC++ and Comodo Firewall, but now I’m using CIS 3.5 (.439) and DC++ 0.7091 (on winxp), something must have changed…
Does anyone happen to have a never guide or to share their DC++ set of rules ?
Thanks, Josh

I am not familiar with the specifics of DC++ but I know my way around p2p programs. Can you go to the Options/Preferences of DC++ and see what ports need to be open? Or access the Help of the program to find out about ports?

What ports are required to be open in the old version and which one in the new version?

Would that be enough information to use Pandlouk’s tutorial again?

It has a “Firewall with Manual Port Forwarding” Internet Connection, where I input manually the External IP. Then it requires TCP and UDP ports, pretty much noting changed.
I have opened a port for each yet it still asks on connect for a TCP Connection on Port 411, port which is used by 99% of hubs to connect, it looks like CIS 3.5 is not forcing DC++ to go trough those set of ports already set, which btw. where the same used with older setup and versions… or something is happening - sorry for being such a noob.

Did you add the TCP, UDP and port 411 (TCP or UDP or both) to the Global rules (Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Rules) and to the Application rules as described by Pandlouk?

Under Global Rules there is just one rule, probably default:
“Block ICMP In From IP Any to IP Any Where ICMP Message is ECHO REQUEST”
Should I add a rule to always open those ports under Global Rules? If I do so, that’ll mean those ports are going to be open all the time vs. only if the application is running? Please explain the role of Global Rules is possible also. Thanks!!

To have open ports it is necessary to make a general rules in Global Rules.

When in Global rules choose add:
Action: Allow
Protocol: TCP and UDP (assuming the TCP and UDP port are the same)
Direction: In
Description: TCP and UDP rule DC++

Source Address: Any
Destination address: Your fixed local IP address, Mac Address, etc…
Source Port: Ay
Desstination Port: the port number of DC++

Follow the same steps for TCP port 411 you mentioned.

Now make sure the new rules are above the red colored “Block ICMP In From IP Any to IP Any Where ICMP Message is ECHO REQUEST” rule. Now you are ready.

Yes, the ports are open all the time now. If you feel that having a port constantly open you can move the port rules for DC++ under the basic block rule (“Block ICMP In From IP Any to IP Any Where ICMP Message is ECHO REQUEST”) when not using DC++.