db update!

hey all! i have got something that will appeal to all of you lot! its to do with the heavily-criticised cav db update! below is a simple guide that you can do to avoid that pain-staking wait for cav to download the definitions and am hoping this can be sticked too!

  1. update cav db as normal and to the most recent version!
  2. copy the bases.cav file to an alternate location and keep it up-to-date!
  3. when you re-install cav, copy the backed-up bases.cav file to the scanners folder in the comodo internet security directory!
  4. go online and update cav as normal!
  5. you will notice that instead of stopping [at] 30%, it goes to or close to 90% and that means that it has worked and you dont need to wait and restart!
  6. ^ keep doing this process until comodo has an offline db update installer!

enjoy people! ;D

update: sorry guys! forgot to mention this! you need to copy over the backed-up bases.cav files to the installed directory in safe mode for it to work!