Date & Time

It seem after I install v3 Firewall and clock in not working right.I get an error timeout when I try to update. any help

Try to update what? Need more info. Comodo update works for me. (CNY)

What program are you using to update the clock? You should be getting a message in your log telling you what port is being blocked by the firewall.

I am trying to update my clock with( Comodo is blocking service port 68.The program is great ,but it too hard to understand for me…

What rules do you have for You should be able to add an “allow” under firewall/advanced/network security policy for it.

There is no rules for time and I need help to set it up… please

Comodo does not block Windows from updating the time. What exactly do you mean? (CLY)

You should grant svchost.exe connection through NTP(123) port (remotely and local)

The windows clock does not update by itself,but if I uninstall COMODO firewall the time works OK.Could someone give steps to fix this problem.I really don’t understand how COMODO works.

What block messages do you actually get? Port 68 is used for DHCP, has nothing to do with time; the time client uses port 123 as mentioned above. Do you have rules for Windows Operating System under Firewall/Advanced/Computer Security Policy? If not, go to add/select/running processes/ and select windows operating system. Then under Windows Operating System add the rule:
allow/udp/out/any/any/any/123 . Follow that with a “block and log all” so we can see if anything else is happening. I actually allow tcp and udp out to anywhere, but it may not be necessary with your configuration.

I am sorry I am lost I have rules for Windows Operating System under Firewall/Advanced/Computer Security Policy,but none of then is for time .I tryed to add ,but I didn’t see what you was pointing out ???

Add a rule under windows operating system: click wos/edit then add and add the rule allow/udp/out/any/any/any/123 and then click on apply twice, or until the applies go away. Then as the very last rule under WOS, do the same edit/add/add and add the rule "block&log/ip/in&out/any/any/any and applies.