Database updates "freeze" at 30%, what is going on?

My antivirus database updates stall at 30% what is wrong ?

Probably nothing, the database update indicator will go to 30% very fast but it will stay there until all downloads are complete, the rest of the updates will indicate the merging process, this behavior is most seen on “slow” connections and after the first install the current 3.10.x.531 still needs an extra update of over 30MB.

If you want to find out if it is still downloading go to the Firewall screen while downloading and click on “View active connections” now lookup cmdagent.exe and see if Bytes In is still growing. Now you can see how far the download is.

Once the files are downloaded the indicator will start to continue again.

There have been reports of users still not being able to update their AV database, numerous of those users where having this issues’ with an already infected system causing the updates to fail.

If you are not 99% sure your system is clean please check this post here for further detection and removal instructions.

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