Database progress

Comodo firewall 3 is a great product and i was using it along with Cavs 2. Since Cavs 2 missed a few virus I was wondering since the new on demand scanner for cavs 3 is up I haven’t heard anything about heuristics improvements or improvements in the virus database. Trying not to seem rude or hurrying know its is a free product and still in beta how is the work for the heuristics and stuff coming along. By the way if I have hips off in comodo cavs after a scan I can’t submit files to the server by that options after the scan cause the button to chose all will not work. Is it just me.

15 malware have been found so far the majority are viruses/worm but some spyware ill try sending them to the comodo labs. That will help if u can add them to the database that way.

When I tried to submit with comodo firewall 3 it said file already available. What is up with that?

CAVS 3 is almost ready for its beta release…
all being well we would release it this month. We have made some great improvements and expanded the signature db drastically.

so keep your fingers crossed.

PS: this beta period won’t be a long one (we hope)…