Database Location shared on a network


Can multiple users share the same database location, therefore the same file (BOC427.XVU) on a network share or do they each have to store the file on the local PC (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BOC427\BOC427.XVU)



As far as I know, the program itself must be on each individual machine. Updates can be done via the network but I think each has to have it’s own database. They’d all be the same if you PUSH the updates anyway.


Thanks Eric


Hiya! BOClean was always designed to use a single database out on a file share since the very beginning. I see a couple of people have had some sort of file share locking problem and that’s not BOClean’s causing there. BOClean opens the database and reads it into memory when it starts, and then CLOSES that file. There shouldn’t be any “share locking” on that file at all unless something about how the file server is setup is doing that locking instead. We were very careful not to allow that to happen for the obvious reasons as we expected frequent updates to that main file. If the file is locked on the server, it should only happen for the few milliseconds a BOClean client is actually reading the file. It is then fully closed and released.