Dare YOU to confess lol

[size=14pt]Heya all

who would take this challenge?

why are you here?

a-a Tech-spy?
b-a rival software company member?
c-recruting :P0l for " well 88), anything"
d-Comodonauts :a0" just love comodo "
e-looking for answers regarding a software…
f-state any other reason ???




f-state any other reason ;D

I want to know if CIS 6.0 will be Default Allow Computer Security ( DACS )

My Computer loves Comodo.
Comodo loves me.
So I love Comodo back.
It would be nice to see you get all honest replies, but I doubt you will.
Kind regards

:-La :-TU

oh, dontcha worry bod, got another thread in mind, just let’s wait and see …
It’s not like answering truthfully is such a painful task, they could always comeback with a different ID 88)


You fail dude, I think ushould at least get c, or maybe a b, or you could get an honour score A ;D

I think you’re failing on porpose 88)

I would belive you having that avatar , ;D :-TU

Cute avatar, cudly

Thank you all guys

but again

Truth or DARE >:-D

D- I just like the GUI 88)

Maybe “a”?

I like Comodo, but that is because it is good (not blind fanboyism). If it would start messing up, I might just leave. 88) :stuck_out_tongue:

I just get bored and stop by here. After all, it takes awhile to get used to a new forum, and I don’t feel like doing that. So this is basically the only one available. :smiley:

great respnse and point, got my vote man
very unusual for such a great a security program to have such easy management controls available and managable by everyone ,

add to that the helo files, great , with tips, ideas, and free of clutter

10+ man, and I may quote you on another thread I am going to write soon

If it would start messing up, I might just leave. 88) :P

Amen, isn’t that the truth!!!
and to say otherwise is just to degrade both comodo and the users, we know good stuff and reqognize them when we find them, and comodo certainly know that and appreciate it, just the perfect compo for always getting better all the time ,…

I also see your point about forums, I really didn’t need to sign up with comodo, I just did it for support, and because I wanted to,…

As for your answer, well, I wounder why do I dought it??!! ??? :a0

Why is state any other reason crossed out ?

I first came here to investigate CIS.
Then after installing CIS, to look for any tips, tricks and/or issues.
Occasionally I could add something but that is rare because almost everyone here knows more than I do.
Now I mostly just browse through the threads that have an interesting title.

My Comodo bookmark is set to Recent Unread Topics
This bookmark sits on my Bookmarks Toolbar, and simply because of that, I must click on it.

You want the truth, you got it:

I am here because I am a creature of habit

All the best, woz of oz

U-F-O Watching all of you. >:-D :P0l ;D

I work for norton LOL (:CLP) :BNC (:WAV)

D :comodo110:

F, We run one of the bigger anti censorship sites in the UK, with multiple mirrors to access to Banned Torrent sites. 48 different Torrent sites and counting, and i guess we will now need to look at Porn sites as well with the uk now banning them.
We are sure that Camerons Government has us in it’s sites, as do RIAA.
Get Gottfrid Svartholm out of solitary! Send him a letter of hope, to
Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, 171084
Att: Jens Jørgensen
1567 København V

Note, For any chance of this mail eventually getting through people should ensure that letters contain only text, are not written in any kind of code or suggestion of that, and do not contain any discussion of the case.

D. I love comodo. Comodo loves my PC. My PC loves comodo.

Any questions.

a) and, eventualy, D)

f-state any other reason

Used to work for Comodo…In the days when Comodo was a startup

And still like to help out where I can since leaving.


Dare to be different…


Well, I am just here because I just purchased Comodo for my website and also got to know about the community, so, yeah, no other reasons. :slight_smile: Cheers.