dang lags

every time I start my pc, cmdagent.exe is using either 100% or 50% of my CPU, and keeps at that pace for about 5 minutes, only then can I start doing something like browsing internet
it has no logs of anything going on, nothing is blocked, nothing is initialising or updating, just plain nothing is sucking my CPU inside it
It basically started today few hours ago without any apparent reason
I tried to change protection levels to lower ones, scanned the PC for viruses, no results, it just gobs the CPU and nothing can stop it
also, it sometimes occurs randomly whenever it wants to, before I restarted last time, it was quiet for about 20 minutes, then boom - everything froze, can’t even open task manager, all i could do is restart
i’m trying to do work here, but can’t

Edit: just noticed, when I launch mysql tray monitor, CPU jumps to 50% (cmdagent.exe), when i launch query browser and try to connect, it hungs (100%, cmdagent.exe)
I added mysql folder to my trusted/safe/protected files list, not helping
All I can do now is to reinstall the thing in a vague hope that it will help…

this happened to me this morning also. windows does not fully load and goes incredibly slow. this is a new netbook and i just installed comodo i/s last night. once the desktop comes up, it just hangs. takes about 5 minutes to get to control panel, but it just keeps searching after control panel dialog box comes up. i was attempting to uninstall and reload AVG. i cant get to add/remove or task manager.


this is a temporary bug, devs are looking into it and it should be fixed ASAP.

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Thank God it was just a bug, and thanks for the answer here! I had the same problem on three computers today and now I uninstalled Comodo on this home computer just to get online! I hope the problem will be resolved as quick as possible so I can get my Comodo back on this machine.

You can find the solution over here :


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