Dailymotion videos black screen

the videos in dailymotion.com don’t work and show only a black screen but the audio plays fine with comodo dragon, i also tried with hardware acceleration off but still black screen.
with google chrome audio and video works.

It works fine for me. I’m using CD and have the PrivDog extension enabled.

Do you have flash installed for CD?

yes i have flash installed youtube videos are working… i don’t think it was CD problem i tried firefox and opera but still black screen in dailymotion only chrome works. the only solution i found is creating another user in windows and the videos played… i don’t know what was the problem but i’m ok for now.

sometimes i had this problems too with IceDragon,just audio works and black picture, but not just on Dailymotion, i had this on many sites. Refresh the site does not help, but after restart the IceDragon browser it works well again. i dont know, but I think it was a flashplayer problem. ???