Daily testing of malware CRDF Threat Center

Testing site: CRDF Threat Center: Homepage / List of malicious URLs detected by CRDF Labs

Now if you look at Comodo’s ranking please don’t go into hysteria that it’s low on detection. This site is just so you can see Comodo working without it’s multilayer protection. They have 100% turned off it’s features and probably just use signatures and cloud detection only.

I got the link from Wilder Security forum and hope Comodo works on it’s signature detection too. It should hover around mid table without all that layer of protection & it’s good to go :-TU

Before this Comodo was in the second list slowly it’s popped up into the 1st list. I like to check on the daily overview of all the different security software out there. Don’t take these tests to heart. It will be nice if Comodo get’s more info on how they test as they stated:

“For professionals in computer security, you can get additional access to our database. Please contact us for more information (labs-AT-crdf-PT-fr).”

Get in touch with them and see what you could improve on or their methods of testing. You can also determine what maybe lacking.

[i][b]Running Averages:

Comodo 54.7%
Top AV 73.8%
Delta 19.1%[/b][/i]

i think comodos detection rate will really change once valkyrie is fully implemented but i have no idea when that will be

Be nice to see, Comodo has got a lot of things in the pipeline for us.

And to the OP, don’t feel like you are offending anyone, constructive talk, debate, feedback is always gladly recieved here.

I dont trust this site. Comodo has always low detection on this site. This is not the reason I dont trust this site. The statistics just seems fake to me.

This is a french lab, I always go on this site ( every day ) to see the differences between these engine.
But I don’t like these test very well because it’s just the detection rate “on demand scanning”.
And I don’t think that they have turned on the cloud scanning for Comodo :confused:

List of partners comodo should also join to benefit

This is the one we look at daily.

Scroll down the left hand column to find data.

Interesting site, many thanks :-TU

An italian antivirus tests website…there’s no need to speak italian to understand rsults…in this case the test is about pure detection skills (no necessarily zero-day malwares).

Anyway, like everybody knows (or should know) in spite of low (presumed) zero day malwares detection rate, CIS can protect the computer using D+ and Sandbox…and THIS is the most important thing…

I think Comodo’s detection rate will really change once they can replace whoever is leading the AV team with a clone of Egemen… 88)


I disagree. Unfortunately there is very little info about the testing other than saying that they use zero-day malware. If you compare these stats with figures published by AV-Comparatives pro-active/retrospective tests they are quite similar which would indicate that like AV-Comparatives they probably measure detection rate by scanning using the AV only. I’m not surprised by Comodo’s average detection rate because CAV has always had mediocre detection rates and it is not Comodo’s primary defense against zero-day malware.

They probably test CAV using its default configuration. If that means cloud scanning is off I am surprised because I can’t see why Comodo would release it that way.

For the first time today I am seeing Comodo so high i.e 7th position on this site.Yet to see it in top 5.

Yes it was a long time ago that I didn’t see Comodo more than 20th.

comodo just jumped to second place. right where I see it on my daily tests, at about 75% CRDF Threat Center: Homepage / List of malicious URLs detected by CRDF Labs

Very nice results, well done Comodo :-TU

Today too 2nd position, tie with BitDefender, 73%.

I think I will everyday take the % for comodo and average it with all previous readings from this point on and do the something for the top AV ( no matter what one it is). This will give us a true average while filtering out the anomalies for comodo compared to the top spot.

Igor is doing an excellent job of improving CAV detections.