daily Auto Scan Fails

I have the latest version of the free Comodo Antivirus and Firewall. Both have been installed and working correctly for a couple of month with no issues, NOW or for the past 3 morning when I awake and go to my computer I find the scheduled scan has opened as scheduled but is frozen when I attempt to close it I get no response from it or other programs I have installed.

The only way I have found to stop the Antivirus scan and regain control of the computer is to reboot the computer by holding down the reset button until it kills everything.

Windows Xp pro as well as Comodo Antivirus was installed roughly 3 months ago, since day 1 of install comodo and windoz xp has been set to auto update. I have a minimum set of application Firefox, Logitech Setpoint, GIMP 2, SKYPE, VLC Media player,MSN messanger, Yahoo messnger.

The IM programs I don’t use but there there in case I wanna message someone(not set to autostart) however Firefox and SKYPE I use on a daily basis. The only change that I have made in the computer in that last month is install a HP Photosmart B9180 printer and the software that come with it.

One other thing that I noticed when the freeze up occurs is I had skype open.(logged in) but not in a conversation.

Any help in resolving this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I have a Windows Xp base set of applications installed. I use Firefox as my main browse, I use script blocker and ad block plus. The only place I go is

Me too. It’s quite frustrating. Sometimes the AV begins a scheduled scan and it works fine. Sometimes it freezes itself, and the entire machine, requiring a reboot.

This really sucks, of course, especially when I’m in the middle of work that I haven’t saved.

I’ve noticed that SOMETIMES before a “system-death scan”, I’ll see a balloon message “Updating virus DB…” but it’ll just stay there, and I’ll never see the “Update complete” balloon. It’s fairly rare, but scanning after that happens seems to always kill the machine.

However, scans at other times can kill the machine too. I never know when it’ll happen. It’s quite unacceptable.

A sticky post above says to turn DEP off for cmdagent.exe, and since I have DEP on for all apps, I’ll try that. Anyone have any other explanations, though? I’m quite disappointed in the product. This NEVER happened until a week or two ago.

Win XP SP3, minimum number of apps (I like system simplicity!), latest CIS version.

I have been using Comodo for 1-2 years with no problems, about 2-3 months ago I did a low level format reinstalled XP Pro SP3 and all the latest drivers available for my hardware, every thing was working great until a couple of days ago.

Now I’m not sure what’s going on, the only thing that I have done is install the HP printer drivers and software.

During the install of the HP software it ask if I would be using USB connection or a network connection. I selected network connection upon doing this it continued the install then come to a point where it said that it MUST reboot to finish the install and complete the setup. Once the computer rebooted it went back to install mode where it ran shortly unattended then come up with a prompt that said it was finished.

After finishing I opened the Hp software to check out the features it added I later decided that I would get on the net and surf.

It was then that I noticed I didn’t have a working interned connection , some time between the HP install and rebooting the computer all settings for my wireless router was reset. When I attempted to connect to the internet using the software that was provided with my wireless card I received a limited or no connection error, upon further inspection I found that the routers values was reset to the factory default and windows XP wireless zero service had took control of the connection.

After finding this out I disabled the wireless zero service and changed it back to the software for my wireless card… now I’ve been getting the errors in comodo and receiving the pop up balloons that say updating virus signature db.

when the HP asked you for USB or network connection it meant is the printer connected by a usb cable or a networking cable because some printers can run right off of a network. Uninstall the printer software and try again.

Yes, I’m aware of what it was asking. I set it up to use the network connection but I never dreamed of the HP software changing settings that would deactivate my wireless cards connection software and hand control over to windows wireless Zero Configuration utility.

I just had this happen for the first time today. Never had a problem before, but my weekly scan locked up on the file winlogon.exe.

Athlon64 X2 4200+, 2GB RAM, Win XP Pro SP2, 32bit.

No solution as to why this is doing this? The SOS happened again today. when I noticed it the elapsed time was over 5 hours with 0 files scanned, 0 threats when I attempt to stop it nothing happens.Task manager is useless as I get no responce from it when I ctrl+alt+del

The only way I have found to get out of the scan it is to hold power button down until it kills the computer.

It’s starting to look like FREE is not what it’s cracked up to be. Later

Wow, I am glad looked around before posting and found this post, with this catching my attention,

Now I’m not sure what’s going on, the only thing that I have done is install the HP printer drivers and software.
I also run XP Pro, BTW - so that’s 3 of us in this thread. Not sure if that matters.

@ puddingpants and languy - what version of Windows are you using?

To the HP reference - on June 12 I had to reinstall the drivers for my networked HP OJ-7140xi after realizing I could not control the scanner from my PC. I suspect it has not worked since moving from ZAP to Comodo (firewall only) long ago - I rarely scan and the printer worked fine, so I didn’t notice. I have only been using Comodo AV for about 3 weeks.

I downloaded the latest “Full Feature” driver from HP. I still could not scan. So I uninstalled and went for the “Basic”.

Now I can scan through my browser but Comodo AV locks the computer during scans, with the only way out through a hard reboot - not cool! >:(

I noticed each time for me it was locking on .ytr files in the \Readiris folder under the OfficeJet folder. That’s the OCR program bundled with the scanner. A different .ytr each time - there are 97 .ytr files in that folder - so I did a manual scan on that folder with SUPERAntiSpyware - nothing. MBAM - nothing. Comodo AV - hangs.

I will now see if I can just have Comodo AV ignore that folder, or preferably just .ytr files and see what happens. If it works, fine. But I consider that a band-aid fix and would prefer my scanners work as expected, that is, rout out all malware with zero false positives, every time, and NEVER lock up the whole machine! :frowning:

If this does pan out to be an issue with the scanning function of HP multifunction printers, or HP scanners in general, then I would think Comodo will work with HP to sort it out, as Comodo knows users will look elsewhere for AM solutions if their products don’t meet expectations.

I will post back with results.