could we please have a sticky thread to discuss DACS and the status of it’s development

i dont think we are going to hear anything about DACS for a little while since CIS v6 is going to hit beta soon and all comodo’s other releases (CMS, CCAV etc) maybe after those final releases

either way all I’m asking for is a sticky thread and then when staff has time to tell the status then they can do it on the sticky thread so everyone can see it instead of getting buried. everyone seems to have forgotten about it and I can see why but let’s not just forget about DACS which is also inovative in that it makes scanning an infected machine easier

DACS has been renamed to VirusTotal.

wow still nothing. last i heard they were still going to implement this but their silence on the matter seems to suggest otherwise. if it’s been discontinued then say so. if you guys are thinking about discontinuing it then say so. if the development has been suspended for now then say so but don’t leave us in the dark on DACS. i realize cis 6, valk, cima and site inspector are priority but don’t just push DACS to the side like it never existed or couldn’t be helpful for the cis/cce product yeah it could raise false positives but i’d rather that be raised then it’s detection through av to be low. and yes i realize that even if dacs is put in the product that it won’t detect all zero day threats but it will help. def+ and the sandbox don’t even protect against all zero day threats or even some non zero day threats. cis is strong and it’s layers helps alot but i’m about making all layers of the product as strong as possible and dacs would greatly help improve the av.

I believe DACS couldnt be developed further due to legal issues…

out of curiosity who said this?

last I heard comodo had discussed DACS with lawyers and all was good with making DACS. that was from melih. i’ll find the quote later

I said it. :azn:

Maybe its not legal issues, maybe its other reason.
The fact is that no one from COMODO mentions DACS anymore.

I believe having a bunch of blacklisting engines is not a good protection system.
They all rely on incomplete list (default allow). We need DEFAULT DENY, which is what COMODO have achieved and will improve far better in CIS 6.x

i think if there were legal issues DACS would have never been developed. I think other technologies were a lot more important then detection so they took priority of DACS. Im sure DACS will come back eventually.

Default allow is a bad way to go for an antivirus but remember comodo would only be using other vendors detection not engine so if the file comes up unknown with DACS and CAV then it would be sandboxed like normal. Nothing would change in CIS expect a file would be scanned with multiple engines.

Think again… one word: MEGAUPLOAD :-*

What case of MEGAUPLOAD has to do with DACS?

Napster, Megaupload, etc…

They all started and never thought they would have legal issues.

So to think “if there were legal issues DACS would have never been developed” is incorrect.
Many projects started as “innovative” and ended up with legal problems.

For me DACS is just one of this kind of projects…

does anyone know where melih said the lawyers are good with DACS or has it been removed