Dacs ... still working or not ?

Is DACS still working with killswitch / CCE ?

Hi Pieteke.I can confirm that Dacs still works, but not in the final 1.6 version. Dacs is active in the older version 1.5.

I posted a question previously as to why Comodo itself had chosen to stop Dacs in a final version and allow it to continue within the previous version, which to me makes little sense as the continuance of Dacs in an older version makes that version more complete and allows the user more security as all vendors anti virus data bases are used in CCE rather than just Cis as in version 1.6 when it comes to scanning.

I never received an answer from Comodo and can only think that they work in mysterious ways and one day an answer will come. Meanwhile download the older version if its possible, to utilize the power of Dacs.

There was never a changelog issued for the final version which was strange so i cannot say what fixes or improvements were made over the previous. This again is strange, but i am happy to use the older version until such time as Comodo in its infinite wisdom decide to tell the volunteers who contribute to Dacs that they have been helping to sustain an older version!!, and maybe stop access to Dacs .

Just my opinion.


Thanks for your answer Dave !

I hate mysteries and not very clear and meaningful decisions.
Things come and go, are abandoned…
I don’t like this. The impression that it gave is of non trustable piece of software or company.
Sorry to be acid.

This is what I keep telling but Melih have another opinion.
I’m somehow disappointed. :frowning:

DACS is still working, I just opened killswitch and it successfully analyzed all processes and modules. ???

You might need to extract all the files from the zip before running it.

New version still doesn’t have DACS. Old version not working anymore. Looks like Comodo wormed out of this.

…and there was so much hype about it… :-TD

Pardon me for asking this, but where is their obligation to provide anything for free? I’m very grateful that they do, but I’m afraid I have more manners than to complain about the loss of a freebie.

If you want to know just PM Melih, but make sure you’re balanced and realistic when you do - something like “I’d like to complain about you ceasing to provide something I haven’t paid a red cent for.”

Sorry for the harsh tone, but the ingratitude of some people amazes me.

P.S> This is not solely targetted at the quoted poster.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I might ask why Comodo released the final version without mentioning the removal of the feature. It’s like they were trying to do it under the radar. We were teased about “Lord DACS” for months only to have it removed without a mention and that seems shady to me. I’m not complaining that it’s gone. I don’t care and I also don’t care if it never comes back. I just don’t like the lack of communication about it.

+100 :-TU

It has been communicated and should still on the roadmap but Valkyrie took precedence:

None, except they already provided it. There were guarantees of it continuing, but obviously that’s not the case. Manners are subjective and totally !ot!

What do you mean by balanced and realistic? I simply stated the truth.

Why should I be grateful? Oh thank you very much for removing a main advertised feature of the product with no notice 88)

As I said, my post was not directed solely at you.

I actually agree with you - DACS is, IMHO, a very worthwhile technology and I would really like it to continue. I believe that it not only benefits Comodo users, it could also benefit other security software manufacturers, as is seen by Melihs stated openness to sharing the DACS API with others.

In saying that, I realize that there are many, many factors that are not disclosed to the users - what other technologies are Comodo devloping, what is the width and depth of their developer base, are they developing other technologies that overlap in functionality, what is the long term cost-benefit (cost-benefit to Comodo that is, not to users).

I (like all the other mods users alike) have no idea why Comodo have not released DACS in the latest versions. I wish it was there, but the fact remains that it’s not.

If the tone of my previous post offended you, then I apologize for that.

Ewen :slight_smile:

DACS is still working on the older version on my machine. KAV is offline and some of the others seem to get stuck on analyzing or it take a really long time. It’s still working, though, whatever that means.

Must’ve been a temporary thing, either on my system or the server. I still have doubts about DACS though.

The RC2 version is still buggy :-TD

Guys or people responsible for DACS atleast answer the topic be it yes or no or something like it will be implemented coz I remember so mod or comodo member tried to take side of comodo at wilderssecurity forum regarding DACS that it would change the security industry. Now even languy is tight lipped in his videos no information regarding whatsoever where the hell did DACS go, I am not starting a war just want an answer, hope you guys understand :slight_smile:

Melih has already stated DACS is still in the works. You could read EricJH’s post in this very thread to see the quote.

Is it still being developed? ???

I know just as much as you do.