D+ settings for CIS executables are now hardcoded?

Hi ppl,

XP-SP3-32bits with fresh & clean install of v5-1135.

After 1st re-boot, changed D+ to:
Paranoid, disabled sandbox, disabled cloud, create rules for safe app ticked. Then, another re-boot.

Looking at Computer Security Policy/Defense+ Rules I don’t see any entry for CIS (2 groups exist, but not listed/ruled).

Question: are now those rules/protections hardcoded? (termination, hook, run executables, etc?)


You should have these rules for CIS in Defense+


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Thanks, Dennis.

So, something went wrong. I’ll manage (easy).

I did some CIS installs in some pc’s, and only now I noticed this. (can’t say what happened with the others)
It’s weird. I’m 100% sure that I did everything right and this CIS is working “almost” OK (“almost” b/c of this) - 340/340, no diagnostics error. Anyone else noticed this?