D+ not permitting CTRL-ALT-DEL when system locks.

Windows Vista Ultimate x64 SP1
CIS 3.8.xxx.477
No other security software running.

The scenario: Recreating the rules for a game (an older game, but it runs in full screen as default).

Having forgotten to place D+ in Training mode, I received 3 popups, one to run a support program, one to access the keyboard directly, the third to access the screen directly.

Upon allowing the third popup, the game goes into full screen mode (it has a windowed mode but this is accessed from within the game’s menu system). The screen is now blank, and will not do anything else.

I attempted to CTRL-ALT-DEL to close the app so that I could place D+ in training mode (as I know this mode works to set up the rules for this game), but no joy. It seems everything has frozen on my system.

My only course of action remaining is to press the Reset button and reboot. I didn’t have to do this (reboot) with CIS 3.5. I am asking this be looked into by the Devs, please.

This is a huge v3.8 bug.


For me this is a critical bug and the Comodo Devs they should make some hot-fix.Not waiting 2-3 month for the next update to fix this bug.

3.13 is here, but still there are no fix. This bug renders D+ useless. Advice to switch D+ to the “training” mode isn’t solution. If game does something malicious, D+ will allow it without any questions now and in any point in the future. What the point to have HIPS if it always have to be switched to “training” mode when running a new application? Just to win another “unknown threat” antimalware contest?
What if I’ll forget to set “training” mode? If I’m working on a typical “bucket of garbage” PC with no important information in it, D+ will annoy me more than almost any virus. If PC have some important information, unpredicted hangup can cost an information loss. In both case cure is more dangerous than decease. At least when comparing weighted risks. Before CTRL+ALT+DEL blocking will be fixed, disabling D+ is the only reasonable choice.