D+ is working, Logic error

win xp sp3
Avast 4.8 home
CFP 3.025.378

Hello to all,

I have not installed D+ and not opted for recommended leak protection.
I am having strange problem of recieving Defense + alert occasionly (Not always, sometime)

it happened first time when just after installing CFP, computer was first connected to internet and avast was updated, I recived D+ a;ert that a program is modifying some thing like this. allowed it or block it.

I recieved it two more time ,

then iI moved the slider on D+ security level to Disabled,

I am not recieving them any more.

It appears that there is some logic error which activates the D+ even thogh you have not installed it.

It is risk for your computer.

As a user we cant do much in this case by reading help online help, this problem is to sorted by comodo developers only.

Regards to all