D+ and USB Internet Connection Devices

It is known that D+ does not consider devices, such as Pens, etc. as safe. That includes USB devices to connect to the Internet.

Now, what happens, is that, in Safe Mode or Paranoid Mode, D+ will only ask once if I wish to allow Explorer.exe from accessing the USB Internet Connection auto-run, if I don’t set Explorer.exe as Trusted.

If I have D+ in Clean PC Mode, as I had it till few moments ago, just after I made a clean install of my system, it will keep bugging me to allow/block many alerts. As we know, D+ won’t consider USB devices safe, so this alerts will always pop-up, unless D+ is in Safe Mode/Paranoid Mode.

I would like to see, in future releases, D+ to accept USB Internet Connection devices, without having to answer all those alerts. Just those that demain to allow/block access to the Internet (such as DNS servers, other IPs). I believe that for this scenario, would be the most appropriate setting.

I hope I made my self clear, if not, please, say so and I’ll to explain my self better, in any way I can.

Best regards

Hullo Butterfly,

I don’t think this will change. They have made a design decision that removable devices (regardless of the devices function - internet, storgage, etc.) are untusted.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m aware of that. But it becomes a pain in the neck in certain occasions, such as when using my USB internet connection device.

If I have D+ set to CleanPC Mode, I’ll get more than 15 alerts from D+, every time. If I have it set to Safe Mode, then I’ll only have to answer once to such alerts, and that’s because D+ will intercept Explorer.exe when it tries to load the device connection process. In CleanPC Mode, Explorer.exe is assumed as safe. So, I can’t use CleanPC Mode, unless I wish to answer to all those alerts.

I think that this would be a matter of usability, to make D+ to remember such devices.