D+ and MP3 player


I recently installed Comodo, and so far I love it. There is one fairly major issue I’m facing, though, namely, it seems comodo just doesn’t like my MP3 player, or vice-versa.

When I connected the player to USB, Comodo notified me about wudfhost.exe attempting to create a new file or directory at Windows/System32 etc. I clicked allow, and remember, but it repeated this warning four times, after which my player shut off. Neither explorer, Winamp, nor Media monkey could see the device at this point.

I removed the player and reinserted it, thinking maybe it was some kind of a timing issue or something, hoping that now that it’s allowed, there shouldn’t be any problem. No dice. It says searching for PC (like it always does), then gives me an OK to disconnect screen (again, normal), before the screen fades in and out four times and the device shuts off, again completely invisible as far as the computer is concerned.

I have tried disabling D+, setting it to install mode, telling it to monitor absolutely nothing, closing Comodo, and removing it from my startup apps, all to no avail. cfp.exe or cmdagent.exe (I forget which at the moment) still runs regardless, and task manager won’t let me stop it.

I know for a fact that this is not a hardware issue, since I have a second partition running the same OS and everything, and the player connects and allows me to browse to it with no problems.

I’d really rather not lose Comodo, but it’s sort of a hassle to boot into the other partition just to change a few mp3s.

In case this information might be pertinent; the player is an Insignia NSDV4G, and I’m running XP.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.