[D+] 5sec delay for alert box? [RESOLVED]

at the moment I have the problem, that the alert box is delayed by ~5sec. So when I start a new application, or something wants to change the registry several times, I have to wait 5sec until the alert box pops up. This is really annoying - any idea how to fix that? Or is this normal; I hope not?

Thank you.

Not normal.

Can you name your OS, Security Apps and make sure your using the latest version.


Are you sure you not talking about the balloon tips on the bottom right?
WinXP Pro
Avira AntiVir
Netlimiter (firewall disabled)

No I don’t mean balloon alerts I mean the real alert box where I can allow or forbid things…

You can use training mode for a couple of days till all your apps are learned. When you launch a program Comodo is watching it to see whats its doing. That is your delay. This happens once till all programs are learned.

I use paranoid mode, even when installing software because I want to know what this software installs and so on. So the delay cannot be from the training mode…

Can you please try “Safe Mode”


Well don’t use paranoid mode then. You should know what your installing and wither or not its safe. No reason to use paranoid mode for installing something. 3xist took time and made a nice sticky that works.

Ok after reinstalling everything works.
No I do not trust the most apps I install.

Ok so what your telling is you don’t trust what your installing. Hmmmmm let me think here. What are you installing some virus or spyware. How can you not trust what your installing. Never ever install anything you do not know. That is how you get infected.

No; not what you thought. I’m not so dumb to install programs I really don’t trust.^^ Most things I first install in a sandbox; and also this is when D+ plays a role - I can see which files those programs try to modify, which files they put in sys folder, what registry keys they change etc. I want as much control over my pc as possible, so I absolutely hate it when programs start other things that they shouldn’t from my point of view etc. So I have no problem to click through 100x alert boxes during installation because I want to know what the software changes on my pc =)

Hi Guys,

Going a bit !ot!, The issue has been resolved & I will now close this thread.