Czech translation [Locked]

yesterday I accidentally sent an email with requesting of OEM COmodo software.
I sent back an apologizing email + i offer my time to translate firewall in Czech.
I am serious with this offer!

If you want to use my help, contact me… you may write to xaint [ at ]

(my czech is much better than my english)…

And some questions: I saw some vulnerabilities at, they discover some bugs in Comodo firewall and some exploits…
… do you will fix it?
And … the wind whispers there will be this month released comodo firewall 3.0, is it true?


Welcome to the forum, xaint :).

Thanks for offering help with translating CFP. This is the Czech Translation corner.

One of the Matousec vulernabilities have already been fixed, while the 2 latest published will be fixed in version 3. The beta is currently aimed on April 16, 2007 (software release dates are known to change so don’t completely rely on this ;))

Oh ■■■■ :-/ I searched for this so i mustnot to begin new thread - so as i see, i searched bad :frowning: i am sorry to creating unnecessary topic :frowning:

I am looking forward :slight_smile:
okay, lock this, please.

No problem. This is not an unnecessary topic because if you couldn’t find it, it will certainly help others who couldn’t find it also.

It’s locked :).